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About Us.

Café Ambiance is Dubai’s newest art destination, offering contemporary continental and Italian cuisine along with Indian-Pakistani food crafted with soul.

Our Resto.

The restaurant includes a mix of Pakistani, Indian and some international food too. Our chef is well versed and experienced in the cuisine provided by the Restaurant.

Our food its self is artwork, its aroma, taste and spices are so well balanced makes it feel that you have gone into age of the Mughal dynasty, and Café Ambiance makes sure of that.

Our Food Policy

Cafe Ambiance brigade would like to reassure our guests that we will adhere to the highest standards of hygiene and sanitation. Also making sure the ingredients you are at its highest level of quality.

Our Core Values

To make sure the food we serve makes you satisfied and feeling happy. Also making sure that you enjoy the art surrounding you and in your food too.